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  • "The hangout server  --  Screenshot by Guardian of the Night"
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How can I donate?

We rent a high-quality virtual server and website, so this results in various costs to the server. Donating helps us keep us up and running with a great server and website. Donations can also help us grow and expand by renting more powerful machines that can run more gameservers.

First method: Donate directly to the server host to be subtracted from the bill.
How? Credit/Debit or PayPal
Advantages: No fees, ease of use, instantly added to coffers.
Disafvantages: Non-refundable, Non-transferrable, minimum US$5 to donate.

Second method: Donate to PayPal account
How? Credit/Debit or PayPal
Advantages: Refundable for up to 60 days, donate any amount.
Disadvantages: Fees are assessed, funds might not be readily available

Third Method: Send bitcoins (What are bitcoins?)
How? Bitcoins only
Use your bitcoin wallet to send funds to this address: 1HrGm5QDj93ceQcaySs4hZa7u2TUniaqhe

Current BTC to USD exchange rate: